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We are a Great Place To Work

At Kronos, we champion a culture where people are at the centre, promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing. That's why our policy and our offices are a healthy, employee-friendly space.


We are committed to sustainability

We are committed to ESG criteria. Our business is focused on environmental, social and good corporate governance. We advocate sustainable urban planning, promote social actions that generate a positive impact on our community.and conduct our business in a transparent and honest manner. 

Building community

We seek to provide a differentiating element that positively influences our daily lives. Many of our projects are Fitwell certified to promote the wellbeing and health of those who live there.


Creating better ways of living

Our offices encourage the exchange of ideas and create meeting spaces for team members. We also have leisure areas, meeting rooms, kitchens, terraces and a gym. An innovative and dynamic work model to help us achieve all your goals.

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Developing your career

We are a leading company with a clear objective: to improve the cities in which we operate. At Kronos we are proud of what we do every day because we aim to leave a lasting legacy and we do it surrounded by the best talent.